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Just like the saying goes, “boys will be boys.” There is no denying that they have a wild side. This blog post is all about things that people do when they’re bored and some of them might surprise you! Keywords to include: tumblr, boys will be boys, being bored Tips: The perfect way to find content for this blog post is by typing in “things people do when they’re bored” into the search bar on tumblr. There are many different types of things that can happen when you’re bored, so here’s a list of some ideas! – Painting your nails with an old toothbrush and nail polish remover (Source) – Putting two straws together and blowing up one side until it pops (Source) – Drawing funny pictures with whatever you have around the house like markers, crayons, or paint (Source) – Going outside just to look at what’s going on nearby even though there isn’t anything happening yet (source). Tip: For


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