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Boys will be bugs lyrics is a song about how boys can’t resist the urge to do things like hit people and make noise. It’s an old-fashioned, humorous song that teaches kids how to behave in society. Outcome: The reader of this blog post will know the lyrics to “Boys Will Be Bugs” and be able to sing them. Lesson Learned: Boys may do bad things, but they don’t mean any harm by it. They’ll grow up someday! Long-form content example for an e-book about teaching children good manners: This is a sample long form paragraph from the book titled Teach Them How To Behave in Society written by Karen Raffensperger, PhD.: It’s not just kids at home who need lessons on how behave around other people. Kids can still be rude when school or daycare teachers are trying their best. It doesn’t take much more than a day or two for kids to forget what they were taught. It’s important to make good impressions on people, especially when we’re younger than them and have less power in the relationship. We can’t always get our way with other adults if we act like a jerk! So it might be worth your while next time you want something from an adult: try saying please instead of throwing a tantrum. Teach Them How To Behave in Society has 60 short chapters that teach children how to behave well around others so they will succeed later in life, now available at! – In this chapter titled “Boys Will Be Bugs” is about teaching boys not to hit girls because no one likes being punched


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