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If you want to be a better listener, it is important that you know what bpm tools are. Bpm stands for “beats per minute.” It can refer to the heart rate of an individual or their breathing rate. There are many different types of bpm tools such as: – electrocardiogram (ECG) – pulse oximeter – respiration monitor – blood pressure monitor – heart rate meter You can also create a bpm tool. For example, if you want to know your pulse by hand, all you have to do is find the pulse on either wrist and count how many beats there are for 30 seconds. Then take that number and multiply it by two. That will give you your current bpm reading. You can use this method with any of the different types of tools mentioned above or with anything else that measures heartbeat such as an app or portable device! The post 11 Active Listening Techniques: What are BPM Tools? has been published already (in draft form). It was last signed in at 15/09/2017 06:34 PM UTC+0100


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