It’s hard to worry about anything when you’re in the moment, and that is exactly what Brad Paisley is getting at with this song. If you’re living for right now, then your worries will be over soon enough! – When I get to where I’m going, all my worry will be over. – And nothing can touch me now that you’re here with me. – Ahh! You make it so easy for me – and baby when we start our new life together, the world is gonna see what love looks like from the inside out. ~~”When I Get To Where I’m Going.” Brad Paisley (featuring Jana Kramer)~~* * ** ** ** – I’ll be free of this heavy heart, these burdens that confine me. – I won’t have to worry when my day is done and all the work’s been done: It will finally be over. ** The truth is, it’s not about the getting there; it’s about who you’re with on the way there – Brad Paisley lyrics ~~ In just one sentence Brad sums up what life feels like for most people. Life can feel so hard sometimes, but when we find out why we are here or where our true purpose lies then things get a lot better. One example in scripture is Peter before he was called by Jesus Christ at Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:13


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