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One of the most important jobs in Washington, D.C. is that of a leak detection specialist. The District’s underground water system operates through an intricate network of pipes and tunnels, carrying water to every corner of the city. These leaks can be detected with the help of a few simple tools – and patched up quickly so as not to cause any problems for residents or businesses! The first step in detecting leaks is through the use of an air pressure machine. This device can detect areas where there may be a leak, but it cannot determine whether water is actually coming out of those cracks and holes. The next thing to do is take a peek inside the pipe with a sewer scope camera – these cameras are equipped with high-powered LEDs that allow you to see anything within range. If there’s no light at all when looking into any given area, then chances are good that something isn’t right! Once we find the source of the problem on our own, we’ll call for backup from D.C.’s Department of Transportation (DDOT) and fix up whatever needs fixing as soon as possible so everything


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