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A lot of people think that the school system is doing a good job. They are failing our children, and I’m not exaggerating. This blog post will look at how universities indoctrinate America’s youth, and how the school system is failing our children with its biased teaching methods. – Our youth are not taught about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and other fundamental American values. Instead they’re being indoctrinated with liberal propaganda that lacks any real substance. The system removes patriotism from its curriculum instead brainwashing students to believe that America is inherently evil. – Teaching methods at our schools teach children how to be dependent on others for their needs rather than teaching them independence or self reliance. This idea has been ingrained into children’s heads so deeply it doesn’t even seem wrong anymore. A lot of people think this isn’t a problem but without strong principles in place these kids will grow up unprepared when faced with adversity later in life. That lack of preparation puts future generations’ lives at risk as well because we don


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