It’s not often that we get a brand new superhero, but when we do, it is a very special occasion. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot is the newest hero in town. He has an amazing ability to block his own shots and frustrate himself with his mistakes. This superpower has made him one of the most popular superheroes around! The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot is already a favorite in the community for his ability to make things so much easier. He really has made himself into an asset on and off the court! Next Sentences: This superhero can’t wait to see what kind of superpowers he will come up with next! We can all be sure this new hero isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially not after being featured on one of our most popular games Superhero Slamdown. Join us as we watch him take out some more villains and save the day just like he did at work during break time! Okay, back to writing content..


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