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Private-label brands are everywhere. You can find them at the grocery store, in your favorite clothing stores, and even on your computer. But what exactly is a private label brand? In short, it’s a branded product that is created by one company but sold under another name. It often carries the same qualities as its competitor brands at lower cost to consumers. One of the most popular reasons for creating a private-label product is to provide an alternative to products which have been discontinued or are no longer available from the original manufacturer (think Kellogg’s cereal with Post Cereal). For businesses who want to enter into this market without having their own manufacturing facility, licensing agreements may be an option instead. Brands that are owned by __ are called private-label brands. These types of companies may create completely new products for this type of branding, or redesign an existing product (such as a version with reduced sugar) and offer it under their own brand name. Private label brands can be found in grocery stores, clothing stores, etc., but the most popular ones are created by you! Whether hosting your wedding or holiday party at home, co-hosting a baby shower with friends and family members to save money on decorations, or creating personalized gifts for grandparents’ birthdays – these events all have one thing in common: they’re less expensive when planned yourself than if you hire someone else to do them for you! Keep


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