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Brandy, where are you now? The question that’s plaguing many people is finally being answered. After a long and winding journey through the music industry, Brandy has returned with her new album ‘Two Eleven’. With its release date of November 11th, this album marks Brandy Norwood’s 21st year in the spotlight. As an R&B legend and one of the most successful female artists ever, it was only right for Brandy to take on such a monumental project. Opening paragraph: Brandy recently released her latest album “Two Eleven”. The first single from the album called “Put It Down” is already off to a great start! This song will be featured in both radio and clubs nationwide. The best way to describe the album is soulful yet modern, which she described in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine as “old music but new ways”. This can be seen through songs like ‘Wildest Dreams’, a song about her life experiences that she’s had over the past twenty-one years and if you listen closely enough it’ll remind you of those classic R&B melodies from decades ago. Brandy has always been one for giving back so not only does this album have content on love going wrong (that we can all relate to) Brandy also talks about things such as bullying kids face or being told no at home when they try something new – its important subjects that many people feel but are scared to talk


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