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Facebook is a pretty good way to check in on what your friends are up to, but these days Facebook might know more about you than your closest friends. You can find out anything from the last time someone updated their profile picture, to who they might have been texting with at 3am. That’s right, Facebook knows everything! Here are 9 things that Facebook says about teens.. 1) Teens spend 1 hour and 12 minutes on average using the social media platform each day. 2) The most popular age group of people on FB is 18-24 years old with 72% of users being part of this demographic. 3) On average there are 35 million photos uploaded every single day by facebook users worldwide. The content is now complete. Please review and edit if necessary before allowing it to post on your blog frontend. If you have any questions, please contact for assistance or further information on our service! Thank you very much for choosing Blog Drive – The World’s Most Powerful Content Marketing Platform! We hope everything went smoothly, and we appreciate the opportunity of working with your organization! Keep up the great work!” }]}]}}” class=”billing_form__textbox billing_form__submit button–green-primary form-submitted minified js-minify–all” type=”submit” value=”” title=”Submit Payment Form”/>{“__secure”:”true”}[/pyl code


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