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It’s not a secret that blog posts with cringe-worthy header text don’t convert well. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid in order to increase your conversion rates: 1) Stop using cheesy and overused jokes like “you’re reading this, but you could be doing __” or “I’m not good at writing introductions.” Just stop it. 2) Don’t use all caps or bold typeface because they’re too hard on the eyes. This distracts readers from what is actually important. 3) Make sure your image is relevant to the content within the post; otherwise, it will come off as silly and unprofessional. The post continues with long-form content. The above is a sampling of the first few sentences to give you an idea of what it will be about. If I don’t write my blog post within two weeks, this article won’t have any value anymore because people will forget how many times they’ve read articles that are similar in topic and tone to one another or just not care enough for me to dig up something new every week. It’s like if there was a tutorial on “How To Write A Blog Post” but then someone posted “This Is How You Write A Blog Post.” That doesn’t make sense! I’ll update everyone next Monday (12/11) at noon EST so we can all look


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