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Hematology is the study of blood. Many people are familiar with a common hematologic test, which measures red and white blood cells in the bloodstream. This is just one type of hematologic study that can be performed on humans or animals. There are many more types of studies that exist, but they do not all have names as commonly known as this one does! In this blog post we will explore some of these less well-known types of hematologic studies to help you better understand them. Hematologic studies are used to measure a person’s health. They can be performed on humans or animals, and there are many different types of hematologic tests that exist for measuring specific things like red blood cells or platelets in the bloodstream. In this blog post we will explore some less well-known examples of these tests to help you better understand them! The first type of hematological study mentioned is called an ABO typing test, which measures the surface structure antigens on your body’s white blood cells. This testing evaluates what antibodies people have been exposed too through their environment because it often tied with successful bone marrow transplants. The second one discussed was a complete blood count (CBC) test which


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