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Fossils are typically discovered in sites that have been known for a long time. However, there are also some more recent discoveries that have made the news. Here is a list of three important fossil sites: This blog post will explore each site and how they contribute to our understanding of __ evolution. broken hill, dali, and atapuerca are sites where specimens of __ have been discovered. The broken hill site is a museum in Australia that houses an impressive collection of fossils including the oldest find: the skull. There were three individual fossil finds made by one man who had to scrape together enough money for his passion project over several years because he was turned down time and again from funding sources. He found a skeleton’s head there too that has since been nicknamed “Mike” which proved to be dateable through radio carbon dating back 380 million years ago! This fossil also revealed skin impressions indicating it may have walked upright on two legs rather than four like other similar species in its family tree. It’s


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