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To get to that point though, one has to get the business through the sales process and then get out and buy the property. For a small business, this can be a very difficult thing to do. It’s also a very small business, so if there is the possibility that the buyer will be a competitor, this can be a very difficult thing to do.

You get out of the deal and then you get out of the deal, and the only thing you will have left is the property. But that’s not all that can go wrong for a small business. There is the possibility that someone will try to use the business to harm you and take away your money.

Fairfield County is not immune to these problems, and it’s our opinion that buying a small business is a very difficult thing to do. We have a very small group of clients and we are doing everything we can to protect them – and if we don’t do it right it could all come crashing down. And yes, we are selling a business as a business to protect our clients.

As we often find out, if you can’t protect your clients, you can destroy them. We’re not saying this because we are going to sell the business and we want to save our clients, we are just saying it as a fact.

We are in business to keep business. We are not in business to take the business away from our clients. Even if i was in business for the wrong reasons, i wouldnt take the business out of the hands of my clients. I have a few clients that I would gladly sell to someone else.

A recent business for sale ad in a local newspaper shows a couple selling their home for $300,000 when the home was only worth $80,000. A lot of people in this state think they can just sell their home and move elsewhere and start over.

This is the reason a lot of investors don’t get involved with real estate and go into business for themselves. There are usually some very valid reasons for that.

That’s right. You might have thought I was joking about the ad in the newspaper. I had just done a video about real estate and my comments were more of a reflection on the fact that my business is currently in its second year of existence. Because I don’t believe in selling people things that aren’t theirs.

And the reason is because selling real estate is hard. Even harder than selling video games.

Selling things that arent yours is hard, but it is not as hard as selling things that are. Selling video games requires no knowledge of the games or the players, but selling real estate requires a lot more knowledge and experience, which might include the ability to sell lots of property, all at once. It is also a lot harder because you have to actually be thinking about the process, and then doing it. Selling real estate is a much more passive activity, and requires far less planning.


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