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The goal of data mining is to extract information from unstructured and unorganized data sources and use machine learning techniques to identify patterns, learn patterns, and create patterns that will help you better understand and improve the results of your business operations.

This is the first of three full-length books in our new Data Mining series. In Data Mining for Business Intelligence I will cover a variety of topics, from the broad subject of data mining and big data analytics to how to use data mining tools to perform a wide variety of analytical tasks.

In most cases, the data from a business is an amalgam of data from different sources. Some of it is acquired from the outside and some of it is acquired from within. Businesses have a wide variety of internal data sources, including customer records, transactional data, and more.

What is important is that the data is from a business perspective. The data should be analyzed by the business and then used to create a report. The data should then be analyzed by a business analyst and then used to create a report.


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