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In the beginning, it was just me and my family setting up a dual distribution marketing (DDM) program. That’s why I never thought that the possibilities in RDMG’s potential are such. A DDM program is a sales-based marketing plan that requires a minimum of 20% of a business’s annual sales to be paid to the RLAA. Its basically like giving them a raise every month or making them rich with investments.

Did you ever think that there are so many companies out there, including organizations and individuals in the business that provide dual distribution marketing solutions? The fact is, organizations exist to introduce solutions to specific niches that they have identified. However, it often takes a savvy business owner or entrepreneur to find these solutions and come up with a strategy to capitalize on all of those potential markets. It’s not easy finding an organization or individual who has the time and effort to develop a multi-pronged marketing plan for your company, but it’s never been easier.

dual distribution marketing is a marketing strategy which utilizes the combined efforts of both a “marketing team” and a “distribution team” by providing the same message, but to different audiences. Marketing through independent distribution is similar to the marketing via an e-commerce store, however users are given a choice of alternative options when shopping versus buying from another part of the world. The distribution team has helped us generate newsletters and promotions that help our company grow and help customers have better experiences with us.

When you’re stuck with a product that needs to be sold by two different channels, it can be embarrassing to try and control the sales flow. But this is exactly what Dual Distribution Marketing (DDM) is about at its core. Dual Distribution Marketing allows you to reach people once they’re already in your mobile app (if it’s available). The idea is that when you control your content on one device, it’s only a matter of time before you have the folks who are already in your mobile app tapping into your mobile app instead. DDM is a surprisingly simple concept for a blog-type design, so this article isn’t designed solely to explain how well creating a blog works.

In order to get your message across and get your business noticed, you have to have multiple distribution channels. Not only can you market your product in a variety of ways, but you can also market through the web and through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But does this mean that you will be able to distribute your product more efficiently? A few things need to be done first.

With a sprawling network of offices in every part of the globe, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach our customers because they have fewer resources. Luckily, there are two ways to reach out to people and inform them about your company. Here at Select ® we deliver our products to our customers directly. In addition, we offer direct marketing methods which include email newsletters and online newspaper ads.

You can now combine your media pieces with your blog and make them seen across multiple social platforms. The blog can be posted to four different streams: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You can post for as many times as you like on each of these platforms prior to posting the articles to any of the other sites. In addition, you can also post to YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube. The more resources you post to each of the different social networks, the greater your audience will be and thus your revenue potential. And how relevant are those social networks? Well they’re best viewed on their respective websites because they’re all optimized for SEO only.


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