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A lot of the time, politicians like to do things that they think will impress their constituents. I have friends who have told me they “worked hard to get a good job, make enough money, and be able to pay their bills.” I think this is a great way to convince people to vote for you, but I agree that the amount of money spent on advertising and campaigns is really quite absurd.

It’s not just the amount of money spent on campaigns that’s absurd. It’s the type of people who are involved in these campaigns. I’m talking about people who are running for public office. The amount of money spent on promoting candidates is really staggering. There is no way that any politician who is running for any office in the United States of America can afford to advertise for a second.

In one of the biggest campaigns in history, one of the most expensive, it’s estimated that the American political campaign committee spent $3 billion on the 2008 presidential election. The amount of money spent on campaign advertising is so astronomical that there’s an entire nonprofit group on the rise called the “Campaign Finance Reform Initiative” that is dedicated to raising awareness of campaign spending.

I agree that campaign advertising has become so very expensive that it seems to be a political liability. But it’s not just the money that’s out of control. The American political system is in need of some serious reform.

Campaign finance has become a major issue for our government. The amount of money spent on campaign ads in the last few elections has blown out to such a level that we are now at a point where the government actually has no choice but to require political candidates to publicly disclose their own campaign finances. I say public because I wouldn’t want to see the government’s financial woes get worse.

The state of politics in Hawaii is one of the more interesting stories. While the current political system has become a very expensive one, the state of Hawaii has a more liberal (and at times, very progressive) party system than the rest of the country combined. The major party in Hawaii right now is democrat, but it’s not in a position to take over the state. They’re a little further left than the rest of the country, but they’re also very far right.

The reason why is that Hawaii is a state that doesn’t have the necessary money for a two-party system. The state government itself has been taking big chunks of the money coming in from the private sector (for example, the state legislature), making it more difficult for it to finance the state. This is only going to get worse over the coming years.

Its not that the republicans have the money, it just takes a lot of it to run the government, and republicans are very, very far right in America. The money is coming from big corporate interests like the oil industry who want to use the money as a way to influence congress to pass their pet projects, such as a public healthcare system. The democrats are in agreement with this, so now they can use the same money for their own pet projects.

For the last several months, we’ve been pointing out that the republicans are being aided and abetted by the Democratic Party and the media. In a typical year, the republicans need about $2 billion to run the government, but only $3 billion is actually spent. This is because the republicans don’t have the money to actually fund the government, but have to ask their supporters for money to pay for the government’s other expenses.

The problem is that because the republicans are using the same money to fund both parties, they can claim to be part of a “budget”. At that point, the republicans have nothing, so they can say they are being “informed” of the expenses the democrats are spending on their behalf.


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