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This past Monday’s post on an article about a high-end restaurant closing in Philadelphia was quite an eye-opener, especially when I realized the story behind it. I had no idea it was a restaurant, in fact I had no knowledge that it had closed. I read the article and immediately knew I had to write about it. I was immediately inspired by the food and the restaurant.

It’s a little bit like finding out that you were a chef at a restaurant that you swore you would never make. I’m sure the restaurant has a pretty good reputation, but it’s also a place where you can enjoy great food and not have to worry about the “wrong people” or “the real world”. Like I said earlier, the real world is a big place full of people who are afraid of the “wrong people.

I was actually in a restaurant a couple weeks ago that was closing and I was very happy to see the restaurant’s name on the sign. It happened to be a really great place, but for the last couple of months they had been having some issues with their kitchen and the whole place was pretty much a shell. That has now changed though as they are planning to reopen soon.

As for restaurants closing, it’s all about the supply and demand. Most high finance restaurants aren’t very good, and the owners are struggling to make ends meet. This is especially true if they’re in the big cities. When they close, the prices go up, and the business owners are forced to choose between trying out a new restaurant or paying more than they need to to get by. This is true for the entire restaurant industry, including the very worst restaurants.

This is how the restaurant industry has always worked. Restaurants are places where people go to eat, people go to eat there, and people pay their bills. They are places where people go to eat, people go to eat there, and people pay their bills. They are places where people go to eat, people go to eat there, and people pay their bills. Now, theres a few restaurants that dont make this trade off.

For example, when Zabar’s closed its doors last year, they were not the worst of the worst. The owners were simply trying to make an extra buck, and they did it by closing a number of the worst restaurants in town. The worst that were left standing were places where people go to eat and people pay their bills.

There are other restaurants that serve the same trade off as Zabars. They also make a good living at it, and people go there. Theres a certain segment of the population that will do this for the money. When this happens, theres a reason for it. The same people that make this trade off for the money also wont eat out at a place that isnt going to make it.

The owners of these places are not in the best shape either. This is just one of those places where its not the chefs that are the problem, but the service. This is not a matter of a bad person being fed the wrong thing, but of poor service. The other problem is that if the owner can’t get the people that serve to their liking, then they will resort to the same tactics.

The other problem is that there are places that arent going to make it. The problem is not that they are closed. The problem is that they arent going to make it.

That’s a good point. The good thing is that you can always go to somewhere else.


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