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Hello there! I’m with Home Health Marketing. We are a marketing company that specializes in online marketing, pitching and events related to home health. We also have a one-stop guide website which helps us find and recruit the right home health professionals that we need on our team and to build out our latest events around home health in the US. As a part of our mission to help people live better lives, we deliver these marketing college courses to aspiring home health professionals, who can then learn how to strategically market their businesses through advertising, promotion and sales within their industry when they are starting out in their careers.

I know it’s not always easy to find a job that suits you, but home health marketing jobs. Simply imagine a way you can find an employer that truly cares about your success and wants to help you get ahead. In case you aren’t aware, home health marketing jobs are exactly what they sound like – marketing jobs that help you achieve your goals and make money from home.

Check out my interview with a marketing guru at, Joy Vihari, who’s helping us get dirt cheap home health marketing jobs. She says, “Home health care is the future” and to be honest she’s not kidding. You see, there’s no way you could ever get away from the fact that we all have some health conditions, won’t get enough sleep or are overweight. So if you’re conscious of your physical health, your… er… circumstances as far as food and diet, then why would you want to work in a job which pays for home health care? It brings up my favorite… about having to buy a dietician or performing a blood test.

Home health marketing jobs are the markets most suitable for home health marketing. As already mentioned, home health marketing is a market that is expected to have an annual revenue of $1.5 billion as of 2010 (An analysis by Statista ), and that number is expected to increase by 97 percent in 2011. This would mean that in the next 12 months, more people will be trying to find out how to market the practice of home health marketing through various social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.


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