The appropriate plural of the noun attorney is _attorney. The main … A seven-inch sidewalk is being added round a triangular pond with facet lengths 3s − 2, 4s and s + three. Write an expression to characterize the perimeter o…

Fewer settlers moving westward. Increased communication instances. Twenty people are to be seated at three Circular restaurant tables that seat 8,7, and 5 individuals respectively. Determine the number interior french doors lowes of ways in which this could be done. Express your answer in scientific notation to 2 decimal place. Write the standard for of the equation of the circle that passes through the points at ,,and .

The bigger circle has a radius that’s 18 inches longer than the smaller circle. The larger circle has a circumference that is A pi ft larger then the smaller circle. Find the value of a. If two totally different individuals use the identical dichotomous key to identify the same organism, should they have totally different results?

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Explain why or why not. 6900 dollars is placed in an account with an annual rate of interest of 8.25%. How a lot will be within the… In which one of many following sentences might you finest use a semicolon?