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I want to create a website which will be about everything marketing. I know it’s hard to find that content, but I promise that you will not be disappointed with my efforts. So let’s start with my own products and use those designs for marketing purposes. Why not start by looking at the top 100 websites on Google and comparing them to how you would like your site to look? Let’s find out if there is an example (one you can show visitors) of a company which has achieved something similar, even better than yours. The traffic from your website is going to be direct from Google so don’t forget to build up your SEO.

“In my 30 years in the marketing industry, I’ve learned a lot about fundamental marketing principles and how to apply them to influencers in business and non-profit organizations. This was a very easy read as I was able to understand the underlying thoughts of what I was reading.

Touted as the biggest marketing agency in India, indeed has changed the face of marketing using the power of its social media channels. A shift in public perception about how much money marketers spend on advertising has led to a major shift in how marketers work and their work days. With an ever growing number of new ideas and concepts coming up, it is important for any business to know what tools and innovations it can use to reinvent itself so that consumers are more aware about their lifestyle choices and where they can go to find those products that will really make them happy.


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