Yes, but it’s only a paradox if you don’t understand why it is happening. It’s happening because technology is enabling us to stay connected, but it’s also making us less social.

We’re also in a “digital divide” that means the world is increasingly divided by screen time. Even though we can now use a computer anywhere, it’s still a virtual world. It has a lot of potential to be social, but until recently, most of that potential was used to create a sense of belonging. That’s changed because we now have a digital world that is much more social.

Social media is not only enabling us to stay connected, but also make us social, but because of its many social functions, the social part is being used to keep us from being social. The result is people are turning away from social media.

The problem is that social media is not a replacement for human interaction. It is a means of connecting, not being social. We will continue to use social media to bond with our friends and family, but it is not a replacement for actual human interaction.

It’s not just the social media aspect of social media that is a problem, but the entire concept. Social media was not created to help us bond with other people, but rather to make us social. We use social media to get together with friends, but not to bond with them. It’s a tool, not a bond.

The social media aspect of social media is not a problem, but the entire concept that social media is supposed to be a social interaction. What people are doing with social media, is not actually bonding. We are not actually interacting with each other. Its more like having a chat with a friend and then leaving a sticky note at his door. Its a tool, not a bond.

But social media is becoming increasingly important because, as more and more people are using it, its become easier to make friends and establish social bonds. Its becoming an important place to hang out. So I don’t blame social media companies for changing the definition of “social media.” I blame social media companies for trying to cut the social interaction part out of social media. This is like the internet paradox. It’s about the same thing.

You know what you should be doing? Making friends and forming social bonds and forming attachments and making meaningful connections.

People who use social media to connect with others are creating a “social infrastructure” that’s in their own best interest. But it’s a social infrastructure that they never build. They only use social media to make social connections.

It’s true that it’s impossible to meet people at work, school, or other places where we can see them.


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