I am from Kansas City. Well, I guess I should be from Kansas City. I’ve been here a month now. And I am learning so much! I am so happy to be here.

KC is a city in western Kansas that is a mecca for the music industry, so the big nightlife and major sporting events that you see in the city are a common thing. The city has been the location for many of the biggest concerts in the country, and the city is home to one of the largest film production studios.

The city has two metro areas, the city and the suburbs. The city is a bit smaller than the suburbs, as it has less to offer in the way of entertainment. But the city does have plenty to offer, so we decided to go there to see the city.

This is really a good place to visit if you’ve never been. I could tell you all about the music, but I’m sure you’ve seen it enough. I’ll leave those details for another post, but the first thing I want to do is tell you about the fact that the city has one of the largest concentration of breweries in the country.

I love beer, and I love a good beer festival. This is one of the best beer festivals I have ever been to. The festival is held on the last Sunday in May, and is held at the brewery that makes the beer you eat with and drink with.

The festival, which is now in its second year, is the largest in the Northwest. It gets going every year around the end of May, and is held at the brewery that makes the beer you eat with and drink with.

The brewery that makes the beer you eat with and drink with is called Keg City Brewery, founded in 1983. They brew the beer you eat with and drink with and have been since. They have the largest brewing facility in the state, and a huge, state-of-the-art tasting room, which is just over the top. They also have a fantastic beer tent that showcases their brewery’s special beers for fans.

When this event is over, the Keg City Brewery will be a dark and gloomy place, but hey, that’s just a little bit better than the rest of the city.

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and is also the home of the city’s flagship brewpub, The Brewing Pub. We’re going to be there in a few weeks to get our first look at the Keg City Brewery, and to get our first taste of their beers.

If you want to get your buzz on, check out some of their brews. The Keg City has a wide selection of beers, including the infamous porter, Pilsner, and the now defunct “Keg City” IPA. Their porters are pretty good too, and their pilsners are good enough for me to want to buy some of their other beers.


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