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We all know marketing is important. It is a tough job and very time consuming. But with a few simple tools, you can go from no-one to a loyal customer overnight without much effort at all. Consider the following marketing strategies: reach out, build relationships, ensure influencers are aware of your business or product, build relationships with sales reps, create one-on-one engagements with customers for free or for a special discount on your product or service. It’s an easy way to blow through an entire year’s worth of relatively small advertising budget with minimal effort.

When you think of marketing, what do you think of? The idea that anyone can and should be able to get 95% of interest on a subject. Not exactly the case. Lone star marketing is about setting a goal for something you want to achieve and looking at how you can get there. Lone star marketing is about achieving the goals in your mind and not trying to reach people who are already on your website. The goal is to improve their customer experience.


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