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What is marketing digital? Marketing digital is the marketing platform that is revolutionizing the way in which companies can reach the consumer. As a part of the transformation of marketing, marketing digital has enabled a multitude of companies to launch product and services online, helps their customers to start their own businesses and helps them to sell their goods and services. When thinking about product development in this context it’s necessary to keep in touch with our customers because we all want to know what the customer wants and how best we can help them reach that goal. This can be done through customer satisfaction surveys which have been created in order to understand what exactly are our customers’ needs.

Maestria. The smart search engine company maestria is building a full set of tools to achieve their mission, including internet marketing automation tools, social media analytics, and a platform for personal management. Maestria wants to make our lives more flexible and authentic by eliminating the need for tedious online marketing tools. They want to make simple solutions for people who want to enhance the efficiency of their online life so that they can focus on their goals in real time and decrease their exposure to negative external factors when trying to promote such products or services.


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