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I was given the opportunity to speak at a tech conference called CERN, and I wanted to share a neat product that I have been working on with my co-founder Brian. I’ve been using Sparkfun’s open source CircuitPython library for use as a platform to build small beamer sensors and have been able to develop quality products using this.

Marketing is no longer just about words on paper. Marketing speak is more than that. Today I will be talking about the ways marketers can make their speech to themselves and their audience feel special, unique and memorable. I will be talking about how to bag the best words and using them strategically to create a better experience for your customers.

A new marketing strategy has recently started using a whole new way to produce the best content. The Advertising Board of the UK has taken this opportunity and created a Board of Marketing Spokespersons (BMS) in an effort to create content which can be easily understood and understand by all members of the audience. The BMS provide guideline’s to guide the company as they imagine how you speak to people and think about your brand.

I have a few pages of my speech for you for this month.

Marketing for PR specialists often has to come with a persuasive message. We can either say, “There isn’t a marketing campaign out there that’s as good as yours” or “If you put up with all of my marketing then I guess you can expect a similar outcome.”. But, how do you know if your messaging is enough without sounding like an evangelist while also sounding like a salesman? How do you know if the message will resonate with anyone at all. That’s where marketing speech comes in. Using the sales call as a tool, business owners and consultants can communicate what they believe and are looking to achieve using only their own words.


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