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Mental marketing is a word that has become more common in recent years. The term is coined by Sara Lim, founder of ‘Head to Head’, an online competition for the perfect product to promote on social media. Head to Head has used this method in over 60 countries, including Germany, Switzerland and the United States. Lim gets 4 percent of all votes for the final product which she uses for marketing campaigns.

Every day more and more people seem to be doing more on social media than just posting pictures of themselves. Nowadays, people are digital natives and are looking for ways to improve their professional image and get a lot of free publicity. So why not do that by creating your own image through a number of marketing techniques. Make sure your bio is as good as possible because it will help you to attract many new friends as well as increase your brand awareness.

“Even if you’re a terrible parent, you still can’t fault your child for trying to be creative. But what if ALL creative ideas could be marketed?” Amazon has announced it will pursue the same strategy for products sold through the company’s Marketplace. By partnering with local businesses, sellers can sell products and get paid for their work. This will allow them to start paying customers or even make a living from running their own business.

“You don’t get that kind of advice when they’re at your house. It’s always your parents breaking in.” That’s how I feel about my own family trying to help me. I can’t relate to that, but sometimes we all have our own challenges and demons. But there are a few things I’ve noticed that I think go without saying. What if you could speak to the subconscious mind of someone else? Say, “Hey kid this is weird what you’re wearing,” or “Hey kid this is really really weird what you’re eating” or even “Hey kid this is really really weird what you’re saying. You know I don’t understand you, but I could tell it was weird because it’s crazy.

It’s not just about gimmicks. It can also help you market yourself to someone else. You know how it is with online marketing? You feel like you’re the “most important” person in your circle, the one that everyone knows how to contact and how to call, but you don’t know who those people are. This is where things get tricky because you want to speak up and tell them you want to be their friend or something, but I’m not sure of your audience.


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