December seventeenth, the day where Memetastic lastly loses his shit and deletes meme dump, where he relaxes and bans everybody in his server. A person who finds entertainment in and shares nothing, but dark humored meme’s that most people would find distasteful. If a living meme’s memeworthiness derives from how pathetic they are, they are considered a lolcow.

A one who frequently submits terrible or nonsensical posts to an web discussion board. A meme that has been overused and gets too popular to the point weโ€™re the meme dies. Imagine an app that was like IFunny, however even worse than that piece of shit by 3 times and make its lands extra wild and untamable. Remember earrape or that one meme that came out 2 years in the past. It’s now on someone’s “Meme Page” all cropped up with low high quality and a caption on the top going “LMAO WHO DID THIS!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚”. A guy who’s the better model of Behind The Meme.

Know Your Meme is a internet site that is greatest known for the research and archiving of internet memes. On the side, Know Your Meme has a image gallery that users can upload examples of memes and softcore porn into. An picture mannequin hairstyles with words describing the image in a “humorous” Way. They was once good however now they’re like actually stupid. When somebody posts a bunch of memes in a DM/Group Chat/Server, normally on discord.

A position given to you from the rank above, which is the Meme God aka Ronald Weasley from the Wingardium Leviosa video. You do not wish to meet the folks on here the internet is a sad indictment on humanity. One of the fucking scariest and in addition by some means, the most humorous issues on the planet. They make you concentrate on life and how it has gone to shit.

Being part of a meme does not make one a dwelling meme. It just isn’t sufficient to function in just one image caption or viral video clip. Nor does success at creating memes make one a living meme. People like Rhett and Link or Neil Cicierega usually are not living memes.