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I am the queen of marketing memes. I love them so much, I am constantly posting them on my blog.

Like with many other memes, I love the ones that tell people what to do or what not to do in network marketing. Usually it’s a sort of “Here’s what I recommend you do, here’s what you can do to avoid being in it.

First off, network marketing is pretty much just a bunch of people selling a few shares, sometimes in a pyramid scheme. That means every business you’ve ever heard of is a pyramid scheme. Just because you know you’re in the right business doesn’t mean it’s a good one.

If youve ever been in an actual pyramid scheme you probably already know what I mean. It is not uncommon to see a pyramid scheme with an extremely small number of people (i.e. people who are making money or even making a few hundred bucks) making the majority of the money. Just because youre making money doesnt mean youre doing a good job. It could be that some of the small amount of people in the scheme are doing something wrong.

Like any other business, you would think that you would make the majority of your money from a good deal of people who are willing to buy your product from you. In fact, you know its bad to make money from people who are taking advantage of you and you don’t want that to happen. But you would be wrong. The truth is that youre doing the majority of your business from people who dont know that theyre taking advantage of you.

I am not saying that you are making a lot of money from people who are taking advantage of you. Thats not true. But that is not the whole truth. The truth is that you are making money from people who are being ripped off by your own business.

This is an area that is not very well understood in the marketing world. There is no shortage of “marketing” articles with titles like “Why Network Marketing Makes You Fat.” I understand that some people will say that this article is the closest thing to the truth. And I agree that it is. But that is not the whole truth. The real truth is that youre not really making money from people who are taking advantage of you and you dont want that to happen.

Thats right – youre not doing anything wrong, youre just taking advantage of someone who is legitimately doing something right. By its nature, network marketing is in the business of selling a product. If youre selling something and youre doing it to people, youre taking advantage of the system. So the fact that your business is being ripped off is not a good thing, it actually tells you that your business isnt really built for the long haul.

It is a good thing, though. And there’s actually a good reason to do it. So the reason why youre not doing something wrong is because youre not doing something wrong. If youre selling something and youre taking advantage of the system, youre doing something wrong.

And youre also doing it wrong because youre doing it for profit and not for love. Thats what youre doing wrong, but youre also doing it for love, so thats what youre doing right.


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