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A company called new wave marketing has been developing unique and innovative strategies for marketers to create powerful, impactful content. Their strategy is based on the concept of impact, which is how you relate to your audience. It involves messaging that inspires, motivates, and engages your audience so that they feel empowered to take action and act on what they are passionate about. The best part about this strategy is the fact that it’s totally free. Basically, all you have to do is make an offer to a target audience, submit a short video of your offer, and call them back to post the video.

Reviewing the new wave marketing has been an interesting journey so far. This is a monthly blog that shares what is new in the marketing world, and I hope to keep it interesting for some time. It’s about helping brands make a better impression by giving them a free challenge to step up to and then successful marketing ads. And here’s this month’s challenge: “On 28 November 2016, you will have 20 minutes to create a brand campaign that turns your competitors into stats.” In this challenge, I’m going to have a look at four of the new marketing channels available: social media, email addresses, blogs and YouTube.

This post is a case study of the new wave marketing. The people who use this technology are already in the industry, they just don’t know it yet.


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