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I’m a consultant at MakeCheck out in Oakland, California that offers consulting and business development to nonprofits. I’ve made a lot of friends there and have gotten to know these people very well. When it comes to online marketing, my numbers are so small and I’m so focused on getting the word out about what is happening with MakeCheck that I found myself getting frustrated when my marketing opportunities still fell through.

Monetizing from social media is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your brand’s visibility and increase sales. But until now it was all about buying ads. Now, there are a lot more ways you can monetize your social media presence.Today I’ll show you how to monetize your Twitter account, how to take advantage of influencer marketing and share with other bloggers, how to reach out to potential customers and investors, and how to make money blogging. The first step in getting started is deciding what type of content you want to run on your microblogging site.

Join a global nonprofit marketing consultant and discover how to use your voice to create an impact on today’s social and economic issues. Don’t be the only one who thinks that businesses should sell in the local market. Join our intern, Sally Rothman, and learn how to figure out what makes sense for you as a CEO or business owner.


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