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on the edge promotional wagon (on the edge marketing wagon), is a service which promotes the brand’s products and services to the outside world. This wagon is based in upstate New York, but has teams in most major cities around the world. The team explains that they have been there “in First World Town” to promote one of their products or services, and now they’ll be there in First World City too. It all started in 2012 when Mark Driscoll, CEO of Catawba Insurance, started talking about how he wanted to start his own business. In 2013, Marissa Wilson and Linda Meyer stepped up to take over from him and build an on the edge marketing wagon.

Currently, on the edge marketing wagon is a marketing strategy where companies invite people to participate in an on-demand event for a certain number of days. Now, if you buy some soap, you can stop by and help them get ready for their event, there’s no denying that this brand has magic powers in terms of bringing action onto the internet. But when you look beneath the surface, it’s not always what you think. This is where IRL users come in and help them with their plans. The real-life experience lasts just as long as the event has and so do your chances of being invited to join.

Is your business selling a few things for $75 a piece? Are you trying to snag some extra “loyalty points” and a free ticket to the next pop-up event? Well, now you can show your critics, competitors and fans what loyal customers look like by getting them the chance to try your brand. On the Edge marketing wagon allows anyone with 0–4 friends on Facebook to be invited by their friends and show them exactly where they stand with the company.

Let your connections lead the way with organic, organic, organic marketing. Join us for a roundtable discussion about the intersection of marketing and technology as it relates to online advertising. We’ll explore the potential for micro-marketing to adopt new marketing strategies in this era where traditional media is undergoing an paradigm shift.


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