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prospecta marketing, A Marketing and Communication company in India. They are known as the “Top Smart” company in the country and they are spreading their radiance to the internet with their marketing campaigns. Their mission is to become the ” Top Smart” company in India by leveraging their huge marketing campaign which has been optimized over 45 years ago by a legendary marketing professor at Delhi College of Commerce, Dr. Vasant Kunjaprasad. We will go through each and every one of their campaigns like Facebook, Twitter, SMS etc in this series for you to watch them succeed now.

What was the inspiration behind prospecta marketing? Well, of course we were influenced by the company’s founders, who are passionate about promoting on how great a company opportunity is when you have a fascinating platform. What started out as a small idea between two friends turned into now a multi-million dollar brand association with some of the largest brands in the world.

Prospecta marketing is a free, open platform in which you can create and manage your own marketing campaigns. Prospecta has a core concept of creating a marketing campaign based on the advertising experience of your audience. With this core concept, Prospecta offers you a constant stream of opportunity to be exposed to new things and experiences which will lead to increased sales and engagement.


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