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If you’re someone who loves to tell marketing strategy cases about how your brand can benefit from some type of marketing or notoriety, now’s the time. Get back in the loop and get on top of your marketing strategy with this case study from Red Bull. This case study shows you how a marketing team can monetize the power of social media, by using those lights and sounds to help draw new customers to your store, or simply attract customers who are already there.

In the past, marketers have been using marketing departments to sell products and services to potential customers. Digital marketing is a method of online marketing that uses social media and other online channels as a means of engaging consumers. It has changed the way we may think about our relationship with products, especially those of a high-end nature. Red Bull is in the business of creating and optimizing websites that are mobile friendly, interactive, secure, and user friendly. The idea behind Red Bull is to create an environment where people are more engaged for the sake of their success and happiness rather than simply because they can afford the thing. Today we take a look at how red bellies could be used to increase sales for your businesses by leveraging content marketing strategies.

Red Bull Marketing Strategy is a multi-faceted marketing strategy that follows a 5 step model and delivers measurable results. The five step model includes: Develop a new product line/collection, brand positioning and strategic advertising targets.


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