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I was told that rentboy was my worst enemy for this reason. I am not the only one who struggles with the amount of rent I can afford, so I do what I can to reduce my monthly payments. Rentboy is my go to app to reduce my monthly payments.

Rentboy is one of those apps that I use when I can’t afford to pay my rent, but I find myself searching it because of the way it makes it easy to pay the rent on a monthly basis. I’ve found it to be the one app I use to cut down on my rents so I can pay the bills on time. The only problem is, it’s only for one city.

Thats right, one app. But it’s a good one at that, because it works great for all of us. Rentboy is not only great to cut down on your rent, but instead of using it to pay your bills, you can use it to pay your rent and then pay your bills on time.


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