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In the last 20 years, the marketing industry has been in a constant state of change. There are different methods for reaching consumers and advertising, with different degrees of success (marketing company: some people do great, others fail, etc), and now there are also new ways to reach consumers by social media (social networks). One new way that is gaining momentum is through sociocultural marketing. This is a marketing concept using the Internet to reach out to people’s thoughts, opinions, feelings and opinions. Just like how the word “social” is used to communicate your feelings but not necessarily get them to buy something or become a part of your business.

In 2013 it was discovered that the force of historical data, such as letters or emails can be manipulated in various ways by the way our brains process data. It’s well known there’s a negative association between age and cognitive decline and that exposure to sources of cognitive stimulation (such as tasks, games or movies) will lead to a decline in cognitive functioning. While this is true, it has been proven that exposure to provocative images (e.g., TV commercials or articles on public television) will also result in increases in cognitive function.

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