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I’ve been guilty of spoiling rotten marketing. This is my excuse for being so late-night.

For years I’ve been guilty of this too, and I admit that it’s a bit of a problem. We often don’t have the time to check if a link is valid, or how well the ad was written. We waste loads of time playing with our ad-blockers.

Sometimes its even worse when we dont realize that we have been spoiling rotten marketing. We might have seen a link that we liked, but we didnt think it would be so great. We might have seen a link that we really liked but it seemed outdated, and we didnt realize we were being spoiled rotten.

I think a lot of these issues are a result of people having too many accounts on social media. Everyone has a link on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but they dont necessarily have a link on Google. This leads to people putting links up that are not really relevant (or worse, being clicked on by people who arent even aware of the link) and then having a bad day.

If you have too many accounts on social media, then the only way to make sure these links stay relevant is to follow them. I see a lot of people on Twitter and LinkedIn who have a lot of accounts, or people who have several accounts on Facebook. They are getting notifications of a new link when they follow it. This is great because they dont have to waste a whole day clicking on links that they dont really want to see.

If a link is too prominent, you will get inundated with notifications. So if you have a few accounts on social media, just ignore them and see if your links start to get buried.

Not so good is when the link is too passive. When someone has a lot of followers, if a link that is only going to one person is getting thousands of notifications, that person may have less time to look at the link than if you were getting thousands, or if they were getting a notification when they were clicking on a link, that it may be their turn to click.

Again, those who have a lot of followers are probably using the social media platforms in a way that is beneficial to them. When they are engaging in activities that people find interesting, then there is a better chance that they are getting their own followers interested in the content they are sharing.

This is a bit of an oversimplified, you can find thousands of posts where people talk about how they love using social media to promote their business. For example, when I was starting out as a blogger, I would get a lot of the same posts about how important it was to have a blog because you could link to it from all of your social media channels.


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