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Get back to your roots with something that is just as grounded in reality as the rest of your family. Stickiness , a brand of Cobe, is a unique marketing campaign that uses out of home and remote camera footage to encourage customers to purchase their products based on the expected quality.

Stickiness is a new category that popped up in the last few months. Basically, stickiness marketing is a term for getting products to stick on products. It’s a way of getting your brand or company on customers’ minds. Stickiness marketing is typically when you buy something or a product that has a tendency to stick together between the two parts of it. You get one location of it from the box, and then another one from another location, where it still sticks but this time the wrapper sticks around your item.

Stickiness marketing is about to change what we think of as “sticky” items. It’s all about measuring your things and presenting them in a way that makes you smile. The trick is to make the product look nice while still making the item seem to be absolutely necessary. With this approach, the drink bottle that makes you thirsty will be the best thing you can buy. Instead of simply filling it with water, why not make it a glass of wine and make it look like you’ve just had a wild night out?.

what’s the name of a person who loves stickiness? Well, thank you to last year’s Buzzer-Beater for being a great example. When you want to talk about the best way to stick something in the car, you can say stickiness marketing. And there is no better way to leverage that adage than by creating an online product line with the tagline “stick it, stick it- and be happy.” Now, if you are like me and don’t mind taking selfies, then this is the perfect ad that you should run across your site.

What are some things you would like your customers to consider when purchasing you product or service? What would they think of if they saw your brand name on the box, website, or in a catalog?.


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