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The greatest boxer of all time is often debated, but there can be no doubt that the undefeated heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali deserves a place in the conversation. We proudly present this crossword puzzle on The Greatest, with clues and answers referring to boxing’s most iconic figure. *Across: Boxer who retired undefeated A man’s name with five letters, three syllables and one of the most famous nicknames in sports history Named after a heavyweight champion that dominated boxing from 1938 to 1949. The first African-American world heavyweight champion Nickname for Cassius Clay before he joined the Nation of Islam and changed it to Muhammad Ali. He prefered this nickname because it was more ‘exotic’ than his birth name *Down: The city where Ali began his professional career, at age 12 (1952) as an amateur boxer whose trainer was Louisville police officer Joe Martin; Olympic gold medalist running back Jim Brown also trained there Down 11 across: Champion between 1964 and