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What better way to make a living and have fun than to help change the way people learn to use the latest and greatest technology? Well, you’ll need to be an expert to be a teacher. And then there’s the fact that you’ll need to be cool, too. Which is why you’ll be sitting in a classroom with your laptop on a desk.

Theres a few tech-teacher jobs I can think of that call for you to use, and none of them would be fun. But what about a job that requires you to build cool things that you can take with you to the field? You can do that too. I mean, you can go to your local construction site and build a cool robot that can jump over obstacles and shoot rockets.

Technology teachers are very common, like, in every school. That’s just what they do. But theres one thing that makes them very different. Instead of teaching students how to do something in class, they are teaching them how to build and use new tech. Which is pretty cool, actually. I mean, you can even build computers that will think, and you can use them to write a book or a screenplay.

It’s a bit of a niche, but the job description is one of the most common in construction, which makes this an ideal opportunity for someone willing to relocate. As a result, many people are hiring technology teachers. I know I am.

I am (or was). I am a technology teacher. And I do teach a certain subset of students who are interested in tech, and that’s it. In the past, I made about $40,000 a year in my first few years. Now I make $40,000 and change. And I could still go back to making that kind of money if I wanted to.

I used to teach, but not anymore. I was actually fired, but the teacher’s union said it was because I had been giving tech-related talks at a school. And yes, that was a pretty big mistake.

I don’t know if I ever told you this, but my last job was a high school technology teacher. I never taught any kids but I did teach high schoolers, and I taught them how to program computers to do their homework. I taught them how to make and program video games, and I taught them how to program all the cool gadgets they could buy. I worked with kids with all kinds of special needs. It was a great job, and I got a great deal.

I hope you can understand that I don’t mean this as a criticism of any of the students I worked with. They were all great kids, and I mean that literally. They were just doing their best. They were all very bright, and their parents were great. They were all awesome.

I got a great deal because I was a technology teacher. I think the kids in the videos were probably more than twice as smart as me, and they were also the best people I’ve ever taught. I was able to build a good relationship with my students because they shared my enthusiasm for technology, and when I said they could be anything they wanted they could, they just wanted to be like themselves. I loved teaching them about their computers, so I loved my job.

I worked at a school that was a huge learning lab with tons of computers and tons of kids. My job was to teach them how to use them, and not just to use them, but to master them. It was a lot like being a teacher in real life. When my students loved what they were learning, they brought it home with them and the rest was history.


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