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I was recently on the lookout for technology teacher jobs and was surprised to find that there were actually quite a few in my area. I checked out the job boards and found that they are in abundance, but I was surprised by how many were not in my price range. I tried to be rational and chose a job that I felt would be ideal for me and my skillset.

Technology teachers are a specialized field which usually requires a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of three years experience with a school district. That’s a lot of time commitment for an average person. That’s not to say that someone who has no experience with technology, doesn’t have a lot of interest in the subject, and has no background in teaching is not a good candidate for technology teacher work.

I can see why this job would be ideal for someone who has a lot of interest in technology. I’ve had the experience of working with tech-savvy kids and young adults, and I’ve found that the best way to get involved with those kids is to get them interested in the technology they are using and teaching them how to use it. I have also worked with tech-savvy people who have no experience with technology and are still trying to master it.

In my experience, tech teachers are more interested in teaching to the students who are already comfortable using technology. They want to know how to use it, how to teach it, and what problems they can solve with it. They are not interested in learning how to teach any technology to a student who isn’t comfortable with it.

As a technology teacher, you will probably be teaching the students how to use technology. But you also have to teach them how to be comfortable using it. You need to know how to use it on the part of the students so they can teach themselves.

I think technology is an incredibly exciting topic for teachers, and I know so many teachers who are teaching technology that I’d say the students are quite comfortable using them. I have a few friends who teach technology, and they’re usually on a first-name basis with the students. I get asked about this constantly by students. They want to know if I’m teaching them how to do something in technology, if I’m teaching them how to be comfortable and fluent using the technology.

I was fortunate enough to be able to teach myself (and a friend) in high school, so I can say that I definitely taught myself how to use a Macbook Air and a PC. However, I always felt that computers were for nerds, and I thought that if I taught students how to use computers, I’d be making them feel like they were a little dull.

I totally feel that way too. I’ve taught myself how to install a Macbook Air on my PC and I’d love to do the same with my iPhone. I just have so much respect for the fact that anyone who’s used their phone to make a phone call, downloaded a podcast, or bought a book, knows how to use their phone.

I can totally see a teacher who is like, “Oh, look at that cool new iPhone app.” or “You know, I really like that Macbook Air app that teaches you how to use your computer. I could use a little help,” and then teaching students how to use their PC is a lot like teaching them how to use their iPhone. And in that way, a lot of teachers feel like they’re teaching students how to use their PC.

I wouldn’t say that I’m totally in favor of this, but I do have a little bit of sympathy for teachers who feel like they’re teaching students how to use their PC. It’s just that for so many teachers, the PC is a little much, and they feel like they’re teaching students how to use the PC.


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