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This may sound a bit cliché, as it may seem that I’m advocating for the death of motorcycle gear. However, I am in fact advocating for the death of motorcycle gear because it isn’t worth the money, the hassle, the hassle of going to a store, having it shipped to you, and the time and effort required to return it once it’s gone.

Even though its not the best idea, I think it is the best idea out there. After all, why make money from the misery of having broken parts lying around? I mean, I understand that a guy has to make a living, but even a guy with a very small garage could find a way to make a decent living by selling parts to guys like the ones in this video.

The video above was made by a guy who has a decent amount of experience in selling motorcycle parts. A guy who actually makes a decent living doing it. It takes a few hours, but its well worth it.

The video above is a little bit misleading in that it states that the guy who makes the video sells parts from a garage without being able to show you the man himself. In reality, the guy who made the video does it from his garage. He even does it in the middle of nowhere, for a small fee. But, in reality, the video is a bit misleading because the guy who made it didn’t even have a garage.

So how did he make that video? Did he have a garage or was he just a motorcycle guy? He does look like a normal person who just wanted to make a video, but the video is actually from a garage which is pretty close to a normal garage.

The person who made the video was probably a normal person who just wanted to make a video. He did his homework first and got an idea. And he also gave himself a lot of free time, it’s not like he had a lot of time to do work in the garage or anything.He probably just wanted to make a video about motorcycles and the people who ride them. He did his research and came up with a video that he thought was cool, and he put it on Youtube.

That’s good, but is the video really that cool? The video is actually cool, but the video is not that cool. It’s not the motorcycle gear that is cool, it’s the person who made the video. The video is cool if you are a fan of motorcycle gear, but not if you are a fan of motorcycles.

For some people, motorcycles are cool. For others they are not. What is cool is the person who made the video, not what they have done. It is up to you to decide what is cool and what is not.

This is a big topic, so I’m going to touch on it in a different way…

I think the first person I would like to see make a video is the guy who made the video. Because even though I think the video is cool, I think the best part about it is that he has taken the time to put a smile on my face. He also told me I could come to the video and meet him face to face, which is cool.


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