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Why is that interesting? Is it because for many people, marketing is more difficult than it was in the past? It’s not. In fact, it’s easier now than it has ever been before.

We have access to a lot more marketing tools than we did in the past. There is more information about marketing out there than ever before. The problem is that it is all out there.

I think the best example of the difficulty of marketing is the rise of the “share” button. “Share” buttons were a huge part of marketing in the last few years. Back in the day, when you had to send a company’s email to your customers, companies would send out a link to a “share” button. This was all done by a bunch of companies that were in the business of selling their goods and services.

Share buttons just meant that people were sent a link to a share button. It wasn’t like you wrote a book, and you had to give a publisher a percentage of your sales. It was a way to get a little extra attention and a small amount of money. But over time share buttons started to be seen as a sales tool.

In 2005, the social sharing giant Pinterest was founded. A year later, Facebook added the “share” button and in 2008, Google followed. The “share” button became the de facto standard on the web, and you’ve probably seen thousands of them on every page since then. But these buttons don’t actually share anything. They just provide a link back to the person who shares a page (or photo or video).

The other option is to do what Google does. This is the kind of strategy that helps sites rank higher in search results. A well designed share button can give you an edge in the eyes of Google and that’s the best way to get people to share your content.

The old buttons were essentially a way for users to share things on Facebook or Twitter without actually linking to them. Nowadays the share button is used to share a link, though, usually to the page that the button is on. So people can link directly from page to page and it’s as easy as clicking the share button.

Like the old share buttons it takes some work to make a great share button, but without a good designer behind them, they might as well be invisible. And the same goes for site buttons. You need a designer to put it in place, then some users will click it without realizing it, and then the site’s search rankings suffer.

And to answer the question of what you should use, in most cases you should use a site button. The reason for this is that there are certain sites where the site button isn’t allowed. If you’re trying to put it on a site where you don’t have permission, you might as well not even bother. There are also certain sites where the site buttons are hidden as part of the design.

We use the site button on most of our sites’ design, especially at the top of the site. Usually, this comes down to user preferences (for example, we usually have the site button at the top of all of our sites’ pages). But there are other occasions when its easier to just show the site button and let the user click it. We have a site that is fairly new and new sites are often hard to get permission to use the site button.


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