bryce canyon, rock formations, erosion @ Pixabay

vionic bryce sandals with orthaheel technology are a must-have for any person who wears sandals. Whether you’re a casual beach-goer or a gym-goer, those sandals are essential to walking the path to work or to the gym.

But what about all the other kinds of sandals? If you really, really like your sandals, you can add to them with a variety of things you can use the orthaheel technology to do. Your choice of what you can add to your orthaheel sandals also depends on whether theyre worn with or without the orthaheel technology.

We think that the orthaheel technology is the one part of the vivox that makes them super cool. Our in-house research team at Bespin Games, the developer of the vivox, found that users who wear the orthaheel technology with their orthaheel sandals end up wearing their orthaheel sandals better, in our opinion.

We were very impressed with how the orthaheel technology made our vivox sandals feel like they were wearing a pair of orthaheel technology sandals, like they were part of the vivox itself. Sure it’s a bit boring seeing the same color on both, but that’s a good thing.


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