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In an attempt to create a national conversation about the role of money in politics, the campaign finance reports for this year’s Virginia governor’s race are making the rounds. The campaigns are releasing reports to share information about the money that was raised and spent during the campaign.

In the campaign finance reports, the candidates themselves are sharing their own personal financial data, but also the data of their running mates. And while that data is pretty important, here is where things get really interesting. The Virginia campaign finance reports do not reveal each individual candidate’s personal financial data. Instead, the campaign finance reports reveal a breakdown of the candidate’s personal financial information by state. For this reason, this data is extremely valuable.

It turns out that the presidential candidates in Virginia tend to be very similar to each other, but also very different from the other candidates. In fact, the Virginia candidates are so similar that they seem to be running as a single campaign. So with all the candidates being similar, it means that they could unite as a single campaign and run the same campaign in the same way.

The problem is that Virginians (like us) are not all that different from other states. So the same candidate that could unite the candidates could also unite all the voters in the state. And this would be a very bad result. Imagine if all the voters in Virginia united together and decided to run as one campaign, and all the candidates united as one campaign.

The campaign finance system in Virginia is so different from all of the others that it could easily unite voters with the same goal. And this goal would be to do something terrible and corrupt in the state. And if the candidates united together, then everyone could just agree with their goal and not care. That’s not how we do things here. We don’t believe in such a thing. The only thing that can unite us is a united goal. Otherwise, we can’t be trusted.

One thing that the candidates did was sign an agreement that pledged to use the state’s General Fund to fund their campaigns. But it wasn’t enough. A report revealed that at least half of the funds raised by the candidates in Virginia went into the candidate’s campaign accounts. That seems like a lot, but the report says that the candidates each spent approximately $1.8 million in campaign funds.

That’s just what is in the Virginia state election report. That’s the total amount that each candidate had spent in campaign funds. A little over three million dollars.

That 3 million dollars is almost enough for a full season of one of the most popular television show’s to air in the nation. The latest season was the most expensive to air with an average of $2.62 million per episode. So if you were to give that a little bit of thought it would be probably be an easy choice.

The biggest single expenditure made here was for the Virginia election. Nearly half a million dollars. Thats the same amount spent on the NFL’s Super Bowl XLVI, which was also the most expensive TV broadcast. And a number of the candidates spent a little more. For example, the candidate for governor spent a little over five million, far more than the average candidate for governor.

The total amount spent on the Democratic primary was $3.5 million, or half a million per candidate. And they did a little better than average. For example, $1.5 million was spent on the candidate for attorney general.


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