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One of my favorite business opportunities I have seen and I have been using this for about three years at this point is the marketing for for a company called visibles. They are testing large scale adaptations of a thousand years old Egyptian (that’s from Egypt, stupid) technology. The idea was to replicate the ancient Egyptian wheel-based systems in an online form with an online display which would allow people to purchase the wheel-based technology with cash or other way you can buy it. They are also testing digital signage technology which could be used in any venue that wants to show off their latest product, like a shopping mall, hotel, etc.

The company knows you like it when your holiday stockings are up at the top – so they’ve developed a collection of holiday stockings (or, woohoos for short) for those who love their stockings. The inspiration for this product was the many times I would buy a Christmas stocking when it was on sale, only to realize that it had grown too big, so I decided to make my own stocking by cutting three holes in each side. Then I cut a piece of old track and screwed the two pieces together.


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