Check all that apply. Derek tried to dilate the isosceles trapezoid ABDC with the middle of dilation at the origin with a scale issue of two. Check his work and complete the statements. The slope of AC is __. The slope of EG is __.

What will be the coordinates of verte… Which statements are true? Which composition of similarity transformations maps trianglelmn to trianglel’m’n’? Which composition of similarity transformations maps lmn to l’m’n’? A dilation with a scale fact… If a degree X is dilated by a factor k, the model new location is X’.

Aluminum chlorohydrate, Al2 3 Cl is an active ingredient in some antiperspirants. What is the mass % of aluminum in this compound? Supreme Court Justices are appointed for a time period of A.

You will receive a solution to the e-mail. Consider the regular octagon beneath with middle on the origin and a vertex at . Which of the following transformations carries this regular… Scale issue is the ratio of the mannequin write a ratio to express the number of people who preferred wanr to those who preferred wclm. measurement to the precise measurement in a easiest type. Working at a relentless price, pump x pumped out half of the water in a flooded basement in four hours. Then pump y was began and the 2 pumps, working i…

A CPU-scheduling algorithm determines an order for the execution of its scheduled processes. Given n processes to be scheduled on one processor, how many completely different schedules are possible? Give a formulation by way of n. The triangles are related as a end result of all pairs of corresponding angles are congruent. What is true about the picture ΔK’L’M’?

Select each appropriate answer. Random mutations can happen in an organism’s dna, causing traits that are different from different organisms in tha… Cameron used 1 3

If the precise unemployment rate is 5 p.c, then the o… The railroad managing compan… On a coordinate airplane, 2 polygons are shown. Polygon a b c d has factors , , , and .