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To help sell things. To sell a product. To sell something to someone else. Of course, there are a few other reasons, but the sales or marketing function is what I focus on most. Marketing is how you get the word out to your audience. Sales is how you make a sale. I also believe in the value of the words that are used in a sales or marketing message. Those words can make or break a sale.

Sales and marketing messages are a lot like recipes. A recipe is a collection of ingredients and instructions. The ingredients are the words that you use to describe your product or service, and the instructions are the strategy you use to communicate those words to your audience. Every recipe has certain ingredients that will make or break it.

This recipe in a sales or marketing message is what makes or breaks the sale. But if you fail to give the right kind of ingredients, the recipe can also backfire. Consider a “baked” recipe like a chicken breast that has onions, salt, flour, and butter. By adding salt and butter, you’ve ensured that the chicken will be too dry, and with too much fat, it will be rubbery.

The same goes for a sales or marketing message. If you’re not giving the right kind of ingredients to your message, you’ll get the wrong kind of results. Thats because when you’re trying to sell something, you’re not trying to sell the product so much as you’re trying to sell the message. The message is what people hear. You want your message to be clear, and that means you want to use clear language.

People like to read something they can relate to so they can make a decision for themselves, but a sales or marketing message is more about what youre trying to sell than its own merits. You need to give your message a reason to be interesting so it stands out, so that people will want to read more about it, not just skim the first couple lines. That makes it more likely that they’ll stick around and take the next step.

In marketing and sales, a clear message means a short list of benefits that you want them to understand. That makes it easier for potential customers to understand what your company stands for. The benefits that are most important to customers for a sales message are usually the benefits that they can apply to their lives as well. A good sales message doesn’t have to be big, but needs to be something that will be really useful.


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