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Hello , I am college Student and part time blogger . I think blogging and social media is good away to take Knowledge

Mystery Shopping: Types of Data Received and How to Automate Them

You have learned what mystery shopping is and how it will benefit you. But have you ever considered all the different types of data...

Remember to Consider the Snot When Caring for Your Dog!

When I first got my puppy, I was overwhelmed. Here I was, a complete novice and responsible for the life of an innocent little...

Importance of an Internet Connection for Students

Education has been significantly impacted by the internet. It substantially increases the possibilities for teachers and students to communicate with each other. Plus, it...

All Your Burning NFT Marketing Questions, Answered

NFT stands for Non fungible token. The term "fungible" is used in financial and property law to refer to something that can be exchanged...

A Resume Guide For Students

If you’re a student planning to apply for a job, you might feel nervous at first. When applying, you have to comply with the...